1:1s (Kalevankatu 41, Helsinki or online)
100 € / 50 min, 65 / 30 min. Prices include 24 % VAT



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What it is:

When life brings about challenges, intuitive counselling may help you to find balance and direction. Or maybe you feel stuck in your personal growth, spiritual development or see the same patterns manifest in your life without knowing what to do with them. 

This heart-centered consultation offers you a moment to check in with yourself in a safe, non-judgemental space. It encourages you to see things as they are and explore your situation, and helps you to connect with what you already know but aren’t  necessarily aware of yet. You may or may not have a specific issue you’d like to focus on - the session will help you believe that you are allowed to shine in freedom! 
Often people say they feel more reassured, clear about their direction and courageous after a session.
Many also say they just felt held, seen, heard and understood and that that alone was precious.


What it isn’t:

Spiritual bypassing, fortune telling or mediumship (i.e.connecting with those who have left this plane of existence). It also isn’t a miracle cure or a space to speculate about other people’s lives.

If you have health or mental health worries please speak to a doctor or psychotherapist. Mili’s work is a complementary practice, not a substitute, as she believes these things aren’t mutually exclusive.



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What it is:

A confidential space for anyone working with people – holistic practitioners, counsellors, yoga teachers, trainers – to air their feelings, discuss future direction, work identity and plans and talk about what feels difficult (or easy!).