I’m a 42 year-old human being who, like most other human beings, wears many hats . I’m an intuitive counsellor, an empath, writer, speaker, introvert, radio host, mother, friend, daughter... But the mystery of nature is that we can really never desrcibe who we are by handing each other business cards, be they real or imaginary. We can only let life unfold, and that is what fascinates me. Life in all its forms, and why we resist its beauty so much. Yes, you heard me right. Resist. Because most of us do - why else would we suffer so much?


My passion lies in authentic storytelling, understanding the patterns woven into our very nature and how truth, regardless of how ugly, can liberate us. In my personal experience the most healing elements are genuine connection between living souls and deep compassion - being seen, heard and held in a non-judgemental space. It’s about turning inward, not looking for a quick fix spiritual remedy. 


I’m by no means a stranger to the darker sides of life - hearts have been broken, bodies too, some people left and some died, mirrors have been held in front of my face many times. Whenever I’ve dared to really look, something beautiful has eventually been born. 


I have a heart of a nomad and have lived abroad for a large part of my adult life. Kuala Lumpur was home for seven years, London for six. I now live in my native Helsinki, Finland with my son, but travel regularly for work.


In the past I’ve held several middle management positions at large NGOs such as British Council, NSPCC and Friends of the Earth. I’m also a published author in my native land, and my work has been featured on national media quite a lot. 


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