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Hello, it’s been a while. Where have I been? It feels like I’ve been everywhere and nowhere. My days are spent listening and talking to people.  Being allowed to act as a mirror to my clients is a privilege beyond measure. Sometimes it’s easy, at other times not so, but it’s always a learning experience for both parties.

I don’t like to call myself a psychic, although my work certainly has an element of that. I don’t like to say I make predictions, although I can sometimes see future possibilities that the clients will then manifest themselves. The things don’t happen because I said so, they happen because the client believes it is possible. Sometimes I can provide that extra bit of reassurance or confirmation that is needed to bridge the gap between here and there.

The most important thing, however, is how well we are present here and now as this moment is the only moment we will ever have.  The world is really changing and there is a shift of consciousness happening. People are taking back their power and investing it into something that can never be taken away – their inner growth.

It delights me to see more people asking what they can do to help themselves find love instead of asking when the love of their lives will appear; they are curious to find out what they can do to grow instead of playing the blame game; they are brave, loving and willing to take responsibility for their inner and outer lives. Seeing this every day makes my heart sing. There are few better things than having a birds eye view of people’s growth and life changes. Sometimes we all need to repeat a lesson or two but that’s cool, too.

Sometimes people are disappointed because I can’t tell them what they should do or what will happen. I understand that, but there is something beautiful about learning to trust ourselves and trust life. Louise L. Hay says that we should learn to trust life the same way we trust our breath – the inhalation and exhalation happen naturally, without effort, without us forcing or pushing. I love that analogy.

I also love the spirit and vibe in the intuitive platform events where people ask their questions in front of an audience, and in the groups I’m teaching. It takes a lot of courage to open up in front of 50 strangers or process your ‘stuff’ in a group, yet when it happens it immeditately creates a silent yet powerful understanding – I’m not alone in this, it sounds like it was me asking the question, it suddenly feels like I’m connected to others instead of feeling disconnected. It is a blessing to be present in a space where a group of strangers sit in silent meditation, allowing themselves to become still for a while.

So as the year folds into the winter period, I find myself in a state of immense gratitude. There was a time in my life (to be exact it was a period of almost 10 years) where I felt stuck in a day job that did not make me happy, no matter how much positive thinking I put into it. Meanwhile I was also doing what I do now, seeing clients and running workshops on my days off and in the evenings. I found myself constantly struggling with the paradox between the two, seemingly exclusive worlds. This resulted to a burn out and a half. Now I’m fully self-employed, and looking back I see that the in-between period was necessary and the pace of my life changes was just right – if only I had trusted life the way I trust it now.

Thank you, every single one of the people I’ve come across over the past years. Keep breathing.

Thank you also to the people who have helped me along the way. You know who you are – you are a gift! Studio spaces, event venues, client referrals, jointly run courses, brain storming, support, encouragement and love… We’re so much better together.

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