The end?

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Tomorrow, some say, the world is going to end.

21 December 2012 – the day many been waiting for, some in anticipation and others in anxiety. What’s going to happen? The apocalypse, a natural disaster, a collective shift to a higher level of consciousness, some sort of big revelation? Or is it going to be like any other Friday before Christmas – busy and just that tiny bit tired?


Here’s what I believe.
The speculation about the Mayan calendar has forced many of us to think differently. It has provided us with an uncomfortable reflection of where we, as humankind, have arrived at after decades of technical, economical and intellectual development. Where are we? We’re more isolated from each other than we’ve ever been. We’re feeling empty inside and try to fill the void by consuming products – we are buying into the image of having a better life without even realising we’re being manipulated every second. It’s all become about image, about how we are being perceived. We carefully construct a mask that actually stops us from really being seen by other people, while simultaneously craving for someone to hold us and tell us they love us just the way we are.

Multinational companies sell us warm and fuzzy images of how good we will feel when we consume more. Value-driven businesses sell us an image of an ethically conscious person whose choices effect the world in a positive way. We buy party shoes, dresses and make up while daydreaming of the day we will shine in glamour and popularity, surrounded by loved ones. We have to get the latest gadget to get information faster, more effectively, every second counts. When we get together with people we’re fiddling with our mobile phones and updating Facebook. We do not really connect anymore. We are so busy we have to make phone apppointments with our best friends, because nobody has the time to just pick up the phone or, let alone, answer spontaneous calls.

Even spirituality has become commercial. We are desperate for answers and look for them from teachers, books, seminars, retreats, yoga lessons and juice bars. Don’t get me wrong – that’s all good if it doesn’t divert you from what really matters: Your life, here and now.

Okay, so I’m being a bit extreme here, but I bet there is at least one thing in the previous lines that struck a chord with you. I know there are things that strike a chord with me.

So what is this 2012 thing about then? I believe that upon seeing our reflection we begin to focus inwards, really listening to ourselves. We start making informed, conscious choices as citizens, consumers, family members, lovers, friends, and human beings. We have a growing need to invest into something that can’t be taken away even if the economy collapses or we lose our jobs – love, our own physical, spiritual and emotional health, our relationships with people, our inner calling, our creativity.


We want to connect and be seen rather than hide behind virtual interactions. We express our opinions and don’t shy away from speaking out for something we believe in. This requires bravery. We’re stepping into a courageous age, where we are no longer mere sheep but want to find our own truth. We are not isolated but a part of a community where we genuinely care about others.

This shift is about acceptance of yourself and others, seeing others and allowing yourself to be seen. It’s about realising you don’t have to dress up to be perfect. You’re already perfect. It’s about leaving the mobile phone at home when going to the park with your children or for a coffee with your best friend. It’s about listening to your genius intuitive insight, saying no to unreasonable workload and social pressure and yes to life.

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