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What does spirituality mean to you?
What sort of images flash through you mind when thinking about spiritual people?

There are as many ways to practice as there are people. Some choose to follow a specific path with clear guidelines while others find their own way. Some, of course, don’t even think about matters of belief or faith or healing, and that’s okay too.

Over the past few years I’ve seen the interest in self growth, new age, yoga, meditation, nutrition, organic living and spirituality grow. These fields often walk hand in hand, but not necessarily always. It is, of course, wonderful that we are becoming more empowered and interested in our own well being.

Most ‘spiritual’ people I know talk about love, acceptance, being non-judgmental, embracing humanity and positive thinking; about not poisoning our bodies with toxic substances, processed foods or chemicals. That’s all cool.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the quest for becoming a better person turns into a quest of becoming better than other people, and this, my friends, is not cool. Admit it, you’ve been there. I know I have.
Exploring your spirituality does not make you more enlightened than your reality TV-addicted neighbour. Talking in affirmative superlatives does not make you superior. A regular yoga practice might make your body healthy, but how about your mind?

Before preaching about universal love take a look in your own life, on how truthful and compassionate you are in your own human connections. This, of course, does not mean it’s all pink and fluffy all the time. Sometimes love and truth can be challenging, too. And sometimes the most spiritual people are the ones who don’t even think about it, but live in alignment with their inner values. They don’t necessarily channel evolved beings, wear prayer beads or attend regular meditations at the local Buddhist centre (although some, of course, do).

What I’m trying to say is this:
Who you are is enough. Spiritual practice can give you tools to find out more about yourself, and in finding out more about yourself you’re finding yout more about humankind and the whole Universe. Your ego wants you to feel superior. Your heart wants to feel unity.

The truth is not out there. The truth is within you.

That’s my coffee break for today. Yes, I know caffeine is toxic, but I love it.

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