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I’ve spent the past month in the tropical paradise that is South-East Asia. This region once was my home for seven years, and returning here has made me realise how much of it I missed while living here. I’ve previously failed to engage with some of the amazing colours, scents, sounds, elements of nature and the powerful energies of the Earth here. Why? Because at the time I was an achiever who worked for 12 hours a day without ever pausing to consider the point of it all, because I would have realised there was no point and that would have made me feel very insecure indeed.

I bet that sounds pretty familiar to a lot of people.

This time it’s been different. The humid, soft and occasionally overpowering heat combined with a perfect balance of daylight and pitch-black nights, white sandy beaches, turquoise sea and good food has been a delight for my urbanised senses.

Slowing down has been so good. Island rhythm is gentle and steady, and the weather alone is enough to help us let go of stress. However, the most important thing is what happens inside our heads. We can find this sort of stillness anywhere, if we just stop listening to the noise and hear the silence that is within us. We have just been lead to believe we have to travel in order to find ourselves.

‘A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.’ George Moore

Look at the world a bit differently today. When walking on the street, stop and look up, observe the buildings, colour of the sky, textures, surfaces and and sounds. Instead of turning on the TV, spend a moment looking into the mirror and seeing yourself. The world, politics, weather and other people are going to do what they do regardless of the amount of stress or worry you invest. Invest into love instead.

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  1. kristine  February 5, 2012

    Home is where the heart is, when travelling we realize how big our heart is.


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