Power over, power under, power within

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Many years ago someone asked me an important question:
What’s the difference between power over, power under and power within?

I still think about this almost on a daily basis. My work offers me a privilege of coming across people from all walks of life, all looking for answers. There is definitely a spiritual shift going on with people searching for a purpose or meaning. We are all trying to make sense of things that have no sense.

It is worrying that in our search for meaning we sometimes forget healthy scepticism and criticism and readily hand our power to healers, therapists and doctors. We look for answers from a perceived authority, forgetting that they’re human beings just like us. Some healers also like to put themselves on a pedestal, implying they are gifted by God, the angels or the Universe. Often these gifts come with a hefty price tag attached and uninvited efforts to clear us from negative energy, bad karma, evil spirits or other spooks. We listen and believe, not realising we’re allowing ourselves to be overpowered.

Listen to yourself when choosing a therapist or a healer. Stay grounded.

If someone claims to have all the answers, they most likely don’t. I’d also think twice about any spiritual practice that fosters feelings of guilt, fear or shame, or makes you feel excluded if you decide to change your path. Accepting our own imperfection is the most important step.
We’re not called to be perfect, we’re only called to be human.

Nobody can tell you what you should do, when you’re going to meet your perfect man or win the lottery. Sometimes all you need is common sense, and if that doesn’t work a good therapist can help you connect with your own vision and wisdom – the power within you.

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