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It’s finally here – the much dreaded, long awaited, anticipated , celebrated and speculated end year of the Mayan calendar. For some it’s just another year of course, but there is something for us all to contemplate in the shift that is already happening around the planet.

For me the symbolic meaning of 2012 is not only about the ending, but especially about the beginning. It’s about allowing the natural cycle of rebirth to manifest at all levels of my life, seeing an even bigger picture, allowing things to arrive at their natural end in order to allow something new to be born. It’s about waking up to realise we need to look after our environment and go back to basics.

2012 is about shifting our personal focus from greed into serving humanity – and serving doesn’t mean sacrifice but the universal law of giving and receiving. We are being called to drop our stagnant ideas of what the world should look like and how people should run their lives and relationships. We’re being taught to shift our consciousness and perspective to a more unified, tolerant and unconditional state, where old learned patterns will be dropped in favour of true acceptance of ourselves and all life.

We are learning to take back our power from our circumstances, and cultivate it in a way that makes us powerful but not overpowering. A truly powerful being does not play power games but uses their wisdom to grow into a more authentic life. We are turning to God, Goddess, the Universe, deities, angelic beings, spirit guides and totem animals only to realise all of them exist within us.

I wish you an empowered and incredibly loving 2012! Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with me in 2011.

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  1. Becky Walsh  December 31, 2011

    Thank you, lovely post! So very true x

    • Mili  December 31, 2011

      Thanks Becky. Happy New Year! x


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