Dying a little every day

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‘In my tradition we try to practice dying every day so that we may be fully alive. What I understand of my prayer life is to place myself on the threshold of death, to participate in my dying, so that I may live each day and each moment as a gift. What I cultivate is a grateful heart; each moment then becomes a new thing. My gratitude comes from the sheer gift of life itself.
Fr. Alan Jones


Remembering death every day does not mean living in fear of impending  doom and gloom, but simply checking in with yourself and your own truth. Are you living your own truth or someone else’s? Are you afraid to give and receive love? Are you in touch with your authentic self, or have you lost yourself in a maze of creating a socially acceptable image? What do you have to let go in order to make room for transformation and growth?

Every day I speak to people who are afraid to reveal their true selves in fear of rejection, humiliation or abandonment. Withholding love and true compassion are byproducts of competition and cut-throat survival, as well as our unwillingness to forgive and set ourselves free. Our minds are rigid, our thoughts violent. Let us learn to cultivate a soft mind, a gentle heart and brave warrior spirit.

Let us not reject and abandon ourselves in fear of rejection and abandonment from others.
Remember who you are and live it now.

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